Pond Pumps

helix-external-water-pumpWater pond pumps are a necessity for garden ponds. Circulation aerates water and provides oxygen, which is necessary for a healthy pond. The oxygen is necessary not only for the health of the fish, but also for the health of the beneficial bacteria that live in the pond. Without circulating water, your pond would quickly get overgrown with algae and become stagnant, killing the fish within. Garden pond pumps will help keep algae levels manageable in a pond.  The pond pump must be able to handle enough water to provide sufficient filtration and water movement for your pond size. Fortunately, there are plenty of pond pumps to choose from. Whether you have a small pond, or a mini-lake, there is a water pump that will do the job.

Unfortunately, different ponds require different pump capacity and it can be a challenge to select the right one. We are happy to assist with pump and filter selection.  Some pond pumps also filter the water, but for best filtration, you should think about buying a separate garden pond filter. The most popular garden pond water pumps are: submersible, external, magnetic drive and direct drive. Submersible pumps are the easiest to install and work with. External pumps take more effort to set up but operate more efficiently.  Magnetic drive pumps contain no oil so they can’t hurt fish even if they malfunction.

Our store offers a wide variety of pond pumps and water filters to select from. We are an authorized dealer for AquaScape, PondBuilder, and Helix. In addition, we can special order any water pump that you may not have in stock at a given time. Visit our store and check out the pumps and filters  – we are happy to discuss best choices for your pond. We are centrally located in Castro Valley, with easy access from I-580, I-238, and I-880, and are open seven days a week for your convenience.